Device Management

These solutions offer you device management, along with the ability to see across your IT landscape to monitor real-time printer status. Employing this type of solution frees up IT resources and improves office productivity. Through the use of a single dashboard, administrators can view usage metrics, and be alerted to conditions that cause downtime such as low paper supplies or low toner levels.


Cost control, security and authentication

Measuring and controlling costs can provide significant savings to your organization. Creating office documents can consume as much as 6% of an organization’s annual revenue. Using the best option to achieve your organizations goals, we can help with a cost control solution that tracks usage, set limits, charge printing costs to internal departments or external clients. This type of solution can also control access to your technology through user authentication, securing your information. These solutions can easily be integrated into you existing IT environment.

Document Management

You can turn their paper documents into digital resources by using your Xerox multifunction device to easily scan and immediately share, archive, and retrieve information. Once scanned and stored, these digital documents can be accessed from a desktop computer, the cloud or right at the device. Documents can be routed from your device to the network, making business-critical information easily accessible within your organization.


Document Scanning

With document scanning solutions, you can reduce your costs and overcome information overload by making documents easy to find and share. When combined with Xerox multifunction devices, document scanning helps increase your productivity by transforming hardcopy documents into usable, structured data. Distributing, editing, repurposing, storing and retrieving documents electronically increases your productivity, allowing you to dedicate more time to critical business functions.




Electronic Forms

Improve accuracy, speed processes, and save substantial amounts of money by replacing your old, slow paper forms with electronic forms. Electronic forms solutions maintain the exact look and feel of paper forms and contracts while enabling users to save forms on their hard drives, fill them in anytime, and approve them with e-signatures.


Faxing Solutions

While faxing is still an important method of communication for many offices, traditional methods have become costly, confusing to users and lacking in security safeguards. We can help customers improve on legacy fax systems to integrate and automate fax and document distribution within existing business applications and devices.

Mobile Solutions

As mobile as workforces are today, mobile print needs to be convenient, simple and secure. Berney offers a suite of powerful and flexible mobile print solutions that are IT friendly. Our solutions support device printing to nearly any printer brand or model, with robust authentication, accounting and security. Our mobile solutions provide a simple, hassle-free experience and enable print when, where, and how you need it.

Output Management

Our Multifunction Devices produce outstanding image quality in color or black and white prints and copies. Our output management solutions are designed to make sure all devices print seamlessly throughout your environment, without using your valuable IT resources.


Variable Data

We have partnered with providers who have solutions that transform generic documents into stronger marketing material with the power of personalization. These solutions are windows-based and can be accessed right from the PC desktop. With templates and drag-and-drop functionality, users can add areas of personalization without requiring special design skills. Berney is able to match your need for specialized variable data applications with expert advice and the best available software solutions to meet your needs.