Our Company


An Alabama icon for 50 years with locations in Auburn, Birmingham, Dothan, Huntsville, Mobile and Montgomery. Also serving the Scottsboro and Columbus, GA areas and Pensacola, FL.

Berney Office Solutions is headquartered in Montgomery and has been a trusted partner for Alabama businesses for 50 years. We’re not just an equipment provider; we partner with our clients to develop solutions customized to their office productivity needs.  We have continually provided our customers with effective, proactive solutions to keep them at the leading edge of technology.

We are dedicated to:

  • Providing professional, ethical customer service and support 
  • Providing our customers with only the finest equipment, parts and supplies available 
  • Developing and maintaining a consultative relationship with each customer 
  • Building a qualified, enthusiastic and caring team 
  • Providing an environment for our employees that creates an opportunity for achievement and growth 
  • Earning a fair profit for our services 
  • Giving back to our community and country

Berney Office Solutions gains its strength from the multi-cultural background of its family of employees. We are a diversified group of people working together, delivering the best in products and service.

Working together
Our people work together toward one goal, to earn your confidence, your trust, and your business. We genuinely care about the welfare of your people and your business. We listen intently to your questions and concerns and we respond with solutions that ensure you have the digital document imaging tools and service to be more competitive, successful and profitable.  These are not just words, they are statements from our customers.  Our customers have continually told us that we are the most trusted name in customer care.

Enhancing your office’s performance
By doing business with Berney Office Solutions, you’ve chosen a document imaging company that is truly committed to doing whatever is necessary to enhance the performance of your company.  Saying is one thing, doing is another.  We have been doing this, according to our customers, for 50 years.

Global Imaging Systems Company

Berney Office Solutions is a proud member of the Global Imaging Systems family – a Xerox Company. Berney Office Solutions was the second company acquired by Tom Johnson when he was first starting Global.  Berney Office Solutions has continued to grow through acquisitions of other companies.  (Florida Imaging, N&L Enterprises, Scottsboro Business Equipment)

A Xerox Company

In April 2007 Xerox purchased Global in an unprecedented move in the copier industry.  “This is not a new beginning, it is a continuation of all we stand for”, said Tom Johnson.  “This relationship is the right thing to do for all of the Global families and more importantly, all of our customers.”:

Xerox copier & managed print services with locations in Auburn, Birmingham, Dothan, Huntsville, Mobile and Montgomery. Also serving the Scottsboro and Columbus, GA areas and Pensacola, FL